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Business Card Holder


Weight: 1 lbs.
Dimensions: 6" x 4" x 2"

Accent your desk with this business card holder made from a reclaimed red wine barrel stave. With a capacity of 30+ cards and 2 pens. This card holder is a great conversation starter. Handcrafted from a reclaimed wine barrel stave. The deep red stain on the bottom is a wonderful reminder of  wine it once held, and now it holds your business cards. 
Finished with a polyurethane for shine and protection. 

<-----Key Features---->
Unique office décor
Handcrafted from carefully sourced materials.
Made from a reclaimed French Oak wine barrel.
Showcases the deep red stain on the underside from the wine that once aged in the barrel.
Approximately: L 6" x W 3"
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