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3-Votive Candleholder


Weight: 3 lbs.
Dimensions: 18" x 12" x 12"

Elegance in a small package, this beautiful piece displays the curve of the barrel stave and is sized to fit anywhere in your home. It is perfect for a relaxing night in the bath or setting up a romantic dinner for your special someone.  This candle holder, made from the stave of a reclaimed wine barrel, will help elevate any space in your home. Includes 3 clear glass votive holders.  

<-----Key Features---->
Great for housewarming and wedding gifts.
Handcrafted from carefully sourced materials.
Made from a reclaimed French Oak wine barrel.
Includes 3 glass votives
Showcases the deep red stain on the underside from the wine that once aged in the barrel.
Approximately  length is 14” x 4”.
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